Saturday, September 15, 2012

9 Months!

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It feels like such a long time, and in reality 9 months is.  I feel like Tater's been in our lives forever and yet not long enough.  At this 9 month mark, he's been "out" just as long as he was "in"! 

This month, Tater has given me a few nights where he went to bed around 9pm and didn't fully wake up until 5:00 am.  Most nights however, still require me to get up somewhere around the 2am hour to march into the nursery and ease the pacifier back into his mouth.

Other than that it's been a hard month for me because Tater has begun a separation anxiety stage directed towards only me.  Everything is fine and dandy until I waltz into the room.  Cue the crying and wanting to be held by Mama! It's draining on me because he not only wants to be held all the time, but he also doesn't like when I'm holding him while sitting down.  I must be standing up.  So tiring! (if you're wondering why I've been blog absent for the past couple of weeks, this is partly why)  As a result, I'm really starting to get anxious about him starting to crawl.  I think it will do us both some good once he gets a little mobile and independent.  At 9 months, he is so close but still not crawling.  Diego had already begun to crawl at 8 1/2 months.

  • 23 lbs!
  • 22-inches!
  • He pulls himself up on the crib when he really wants out
  • I believe I used the term "vaccuum" when his doctor asked me to describe his eating habits.  Mateo recently started eating meats in his purees and his doc suggested more finger foods now
  • He has about 5 teeth now; aside from his bottom "rabbit teeth", the latest are the top front teeth including his 'vampire fangs' just in time for Halloween!
  • He thinks he can walk by himself.  Sometimes when holding him on the floor, he just goes for it.  I think his walker has confused him.
  • Oh the walker....  Most of the time he'll fight you when you try to put him in it, because he can walk by himself, don't you know?
  • Likewise, he'll fight you if you try to sit him on the floor.  He'll turn into a stone log and won't allow you to bend him in the sitting position.  The kid's got strength!  He only wants to be held!
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  • I gave up on pumping.  I listened to my body.  It was just time to.  More details coming soon.
  • Since I'm not really spending time pumping, I've gotten back into manicuring my nails again.  :)
  • Instead of doing my nails, I should really run on the treadmill that we finally setup in our garage.  I need to lose these last couple of "Tater" pounds!
  • Not a fan of my hair right now.  It's embarrassingly thin and I've got a lot of re-growth that's in an awkward in-between stage and bobby pins are NOT really helping! 
  • Just overall exhausted due to Mateo's recent separation anxiety.
That's a wrap! - Shirley

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