Monday, September 17, 2012

Get out of Jail Free!

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Years ago, when my inlaws first came to visit us from Peru, I must admit that I became a little bit possessive of my kitchen (since my mother inlaw basically took it over).  I remember coming home from work the first day and seeing all my pots and pans being used by -shame - another woman!  She'd wake up at the crack of dawn to start preparing for dinner while she also worked on breakfast and lunch.

This woman is a cooking machine!  She even makes juice.  I'm not talking with a juicer.  She boils fruits 'n stuff and cools the resulting water with a little sugar, calling it juice.  You guys might be laughing, because well - maybe that's what juice is.  But to me, juice magically appears in the juice aisle at the supermarket or can only be made out of a powder, a blender, or a juicer.

When my stepson first came to live with us after about 10 years of living with my in-laws he asked, "Why don't you just make juice?" when we were running low on juice and writing our shopping list.
I snarkily laughed in his face and said, "I don't have time for that!"  I mean seriously - I'm a working mom with two kids.  I barely have time to pee on cue, and you want me to make juice???  Yeah right.

Anyway, back to the point.  As soon as I got over my kitchen possessiveness, I entered a dreamworld and wished I could lay in this dream world all my life.  Of the top things I would spend lottery winnings on, a gourmet chef so that I never ever have to cook again ranks high on the list, next to buying a Beverly Hills mansion and world-peace of course!  My mother in-law spoiled me in the kitchen, and it was especially helpful during her last visit while I was exhausted and pregnant with Mateo. 

After I relinquished my kitchen to said "other woman", it's as if I had won the lottery!  This is turning out to be a really long post to tell you that my in laws have come back to stay with us since Sept. 11 for a whole month! 

I won the lottery for a month again!  Yippee!  When I get home around 6 pm each work day, I won't have to worry about spending another hour cooking!  What's more - she's going to be a major help to me with Mateo, who at 9 months is showing the classic signs of separation anxiety (he often screams if I'm not holding him) and it's stressing me out since Hubby barely holds him (he has appointed himself to look after Diego, which according to him is harder - yeah right!).  I know that typically in laws are hard to get a long with, but in the case of my mother inlaw, I'm really anticipated her arrival.  It's like I got the Get Out of Jail Free Card for a month on being a mom!  Or kinda like the Beverly Hills Nannies show on ABC Family that I'm obsessed with lately, where I'll be a Bev Hills mom whose Nanny does all the work while I sit on my butt and do nothing.  (OK - not nothing but with everything I do today, it will sure feel like it).  Don't get me wrong, I'm not turfing off my responsibilities as a mom, but any mom would tell you:  When help is being offered, never pass it up!

You guys!  I hope I don't eat my words, but this is going to be AWESOME!

-Shirley (Beverly Hills Mom in Training)


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I hope you enjoy every minute of it and take some time to relax. I must say, for me, that sounds like a total nightmare, having to have my in-laws stay at my home for a month...or even an entire day, but I'm so happy for people that it isn't like that for and think it's awesome you will have all of that help and support and delicious food. Enjoy! :)