Thursday, September 27, 2012


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I will mark September 17th as the official day that Mateo started crawling!  He was just 5 days into his 10th month.  He was sort of on his way to crawling days before:  he would take two tiny steps and then plop down like a plank.  Before that even, at his 9-month check in I asked his pediatrician when she thought he would crawl, judging by what she saw.

"Within a month, if not, call me!" she said.

I'm so glad I didn't have to call her.  My co-worker has the same pediatrician and was eventually prescribed with baby physical therapy to help the baby start crawling.  Could you imagine?  One day I'm off to send Diego to speech therapy, and the next day I'm off to send Mateo to physical therapy...  How stressful!  And yet, it's just the beginning.  It's what I signed up for with two kids.

For now we're all just enjoying Mateo's new-found mobility, and trying to avoid trips to the hospital!