Sunday, August 7, 2011


It's been a crazy few days, and we've all had a blast in the Bahamas. The flight here was torture, because Diego was wired during the entire red eye. He refused to sit still. I must have gone up and down the aisle 30 times, and spent even more time "playing" in the restroom. I'm not looking forward to the flight back, but it's coming like it or not. 

Diego has been really good in the water, but he still HATES sand. I mean he really hates it. When we sit on the chaise on the beach, he will not leave it because he doesn't want to walk on sand. Then it hit me... The airplane aisles should be filled with sand!  A marvelous idea!!!
Today Diego showed signs of prepping for a doggie paddle in the water. I held him floating in the water and said, "kick!"
I didn't really expect him to actually do it and especially not on the very first command. But he did!  I was filled with delight!  Just an hour ago, he walked into the baby pool and saw a little Indian girl in the pool with her family. He wanted to get closer, so he started to pass his "safety zone".  Soon his ankles were wet, then his shins, then his knees.  I was very impressed; I wasn't even holding his hand!  Apparently, he really wanted to impress me (ok- it was probably more inspired by the Indian girl but a mom can dream and take credit, right?), and he decided to walk all the way up to his bellybutton in the pool!
All this time I was certain he was into blonds, but now it seems more fascinated by those exotic foreign girls.  Hey whatever gets him in the water!