Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project Four-Zero! 22 Weeks!

It was a CRRR-AZY week for me.  I'm surprised that I even found the time to sneak in a photo session this week.  I literally came home from work, and my mother was visiting so I freshened up my makeup and asked her to snap some pictures of me in 15 minutes.

My mother was visiting because my inlaws from Peru and are staying with us.  My crazy week consisted of several baby-related appointments, deep cleaning the house in preparation for my inlaws, spending 1/2 a day cooking in anticipation for about 10 other family members to get together at our house over the weekend; oh yeah throw in working 9-5 and child-rearing and that sums up my week.

As a result of the baby-related appointments, I know now that we can rule out any major heart problems for the baby due to the gestational diabetes, I am 139 lbs and the exact same weight that I was at this stage in Diego's pregnancy, and I need to start eating brown bread, rice, pasta or none at all.

High glucose levels after dinner (sudden sensitivity to white rice)

I've really been wanting a smoothie or fruit after dinner, but due to the high glucose levels, that wasn't a good idea.  I've stolen a few sips from my husband's cup or Diego's sippy cup when filling them up.

HUSBAND (shouting from the living room to me in the kitchen):  "Are you drinking from my cup?"

ME (matter-of-fact-ly):  "No...."


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Sister you wore me out just watching that. I haven't heard Fiona in forever! Yeah for a doctor break.