Monday, August 1, 2011

Project Four-Zero! 19 Weeks!

By postponing my weekly photo last week for the gender announcement and waiting for my sister to edit last week's photo (can I rag on my sister's procrastinating ways any more than I already have?) I have caused Weeks 18 and 19 to chronologically meld together in a way.  However, I still took a separate picture for Week 19.  This week's picture is "Pretty in Pink" and if you have connected the dots, then you've figured out that this would've been Week 18's outfit had my gender ultrasound revealed I was carrying a girl instead of a boy (just imagine me holding on to some pink balloons). 

And so the outfit must settle for sloppy-seconds and be used for the Week 19 photo session instead. 

Light nesting 

I've been craving the sugar, but munching on fast food like McDonalds and Jack n the Box (hold the soda) instead to ignore the cravings.  Did you know that a Whopper meal is worse for my gestational diabetes than both McDonald's (Big Mac) and Jacko (Sourdough Jack)?  True Story!  No wonder my belly is so much bigger this week!  I was a fast food junkie!  :(

Passed the 2nd Integrated Screening but my placenta got a bad grade.  Need to have more ultrasounds to keep an eye on baby's size during the 3rd trimester since there is a chance he could be born early or smaller than normal.