Thursday, July 5, 2012

A 6-Month Update


I really need to post this 6 month update before Mateo turns 7 months!  LOL.  I think my biggest disappointment this month is that Mateo is still not sleeping through the night.  In fact, he still wakes up twice in the night and sometimes three times a night.  I can' believe it's been half a year since I've had a full night's sleep (OK so I did when I was on vacation, I just like to sound dramatic).  I go back and forth between mental frustration and patience:  "Why won't you just go to sleep?!" and then "It's fine, take as much time as you need.  You're my baby, and I love you."

My attempts at various sleep methods are just as mixed from coddling him to sleep, to crying it out, to hoping that starting him on solids would keep him full through the night, to keeping him up later before bedtime (~9:30pm), to finally moving him out of our room and into the nursery.  As you can see, nothing has really done the trick.  I really don't have much faith that the 7-month update will be any different, but I do have hope that I will be wrong about that.

But enough of my complaining, there have been a lot of milestones this month too!

Mateo's 6-month Tidbits:
And we have teeth!
Mateo's favorite foods are banana, sweet potato, and Baby Mum Mums crackers
Uses his walker now, but only goes in reverse and lasts 10 minutes, tops
20.5 lbs in his 6-month check in
The most hilarious thing ever is when Mama blows raspberries on his tummy
Sits very comfortably with his Boppy pillow and is therefore a little more independent and easier to manage
Likes to move objects on the Ipad screen (Cause & Effect)
Has taken a liking to Qori and aunt's dog Mokee

Mama's 6-Month Tidbits
Has decided to start exclusively pumping since Mateo's teeth have come in
Pumping about an ounce less milk per pump than last month (Mateo receives supplemental formula)
Thought it was over, but hair continues to fall out
New hair growth as evidenced in the tons of baby hairs that stick straight up in pony tails.
Tummy stretch marks are slightly faded
Could probably stand to lose a lb or two in the gut area, but won't really start an exercise routine until Mateo is a little more hands-free
Trying to eat more healthy, and sucking out loud at taking vitamins

Hoping to be awake for the 7-month update! - Shirley