Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Friday 7/13/2012 - Lil' Dude Threads

My little dude looks better than me this morning so I decided to revolve this Fashion Friday post around him a bit.  Since fate gave this mother a second little boy, I've decided that spending a little more of my monies on "cuter" boy clothes is now somehow more acceptable.  I know these threads will one day be handed down to Mateo so I can spend a little more.  I still plan to shop consignment, but it gets harder to find good stuff as your "baby" morphs into a toddler and then, gasp! A kid...

Rockin' the skinnies better than his mama!

Spending was temporarily on hold for me as I tried to pay off debt from our house remodel, and we started spending on our vacation trip.  Then I got this little doosey in the mail, and I CRACKED!


I had been so good at resisting an urge to shop, and then a letter like this comes along telling me that I'm even more in the hole than I thought!  This might sound counter-intuitive but since I was already in the hole, and since the installment plan (lasting 4 months) doesn't start until next month, I decided to just give into my shopping urge now before things get even worse.

So off to Mommy Disneyland Nordstrom Rack I went, and came back home with these threads. 
Most of these clothes I found in the clearance section but a few things (like the shoes and pants) were worth spending a bit more money on.  I debated on the white shirt because it wasn't his usual style, but then I thought:  That's the point!  Plus it helped that "28" is my birthday number.  I considered it a sign.  Ps.  Diego is really into Dino Dan on Nick Jr.  He watches it over and over On Demand, and I need to explain to him that there are other cool shows out there!
Walking into the store my goal was to buy myself accessories only (thrift first for clothes), and I failed when I saw this Vince Camuto dress.  It screamed "Take me home!"  So I did..  Maybe next Friday I'll have pics of me actually wearing it.

Wish me luck for the next few months while I'm poorer than usual! Yikes! - Shirley



Dumb Mom said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

He looks adorable! My Dudes pull off skinnies WAY better than I ever could. And I love your dress too!

Jessica Jollyjess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, he looks so sharp and GROWN! I love the dinosaur shirt. Ethan loves Dino Dan too!