Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Traveling with a Toddler

I don't know how socially-acceptable it was to buy my two-year old a Kindle Fire for his birthday, but can I just say, "THE KINDLE FIRE IS AWESOME!"  Last year, I had the worst time traveling with a 1 1/2 year old. The worst.  I thought that bringing along tons of new toys would keep him entertained....  WRONG.  Here's a formula for you:

New Toys + Airplanes = WMD targets launched at neighboring airplane travelers.  

Couple that with the kicking, screaming, not wanting to stay in his seat, only wanting to play in the airplane bathroom, AND IT WAS A 9-hr RED-EYE, etc.  THE. WORST. FLIGHT. EVER.

This time around, I only brought along the Kindle Fire.  There was still screaming, screeching, and kicking but IT WASN'T COMING FROM MY CHILD!  Halleluiah!  Pity for the other parent emminated from deep down in my gut.  Partly because I've been there before and I knew what that parent was enduring and partly because I have another baby at home who will one day put me through this agony again-- I'm not in the clear just yet.

Although the Kindle is awesome, it still wasn't a cure-all.  Here are a few things:
  • It has a pretty good battery life, but still eventually dies in a 7hr flight, but now-adays there are plently of places to charge your electronics on and off the plane.
  • He did get bored occasionally and still wanted to walk in the aisle
  • The Toddler & Handheld Device pose:  slumped in the seat with fidgety legs up on the seat in front of them.  (This leads to kicking and annoying the front traveler selected to sit in the WORST SEAT ON THE PLANE).  Lucky for me, Diego generally understood when I said, "No kicking"
  • You settle your hyperactive toddler in the plane just before take-off by handing him the Kindle.  He's into his game.  The flight attendants prepare for take-off, "Could you please put away all electronic devices?"  Umm, no.  Unless you want to start an unnecessary tantrum before we even hit the air.  
  • Apply the bullet above to landing as well.
 I survived traveling with my 2 1/2 yr old and we made it to our destination.  Now as for surviving a tropical vacation with a kid who hates sand and water?  That's a different story entirely.

Take for example this lovely photo of a father and son enjoying the pool...

Or this one of proud, happy parents and their baby in the water:


Diego would have NONE of that!  Please see exhibit A, B, C through X,Y, Z!



Maybe if they make the Kindle water proof??? - Shirley

Note:  We DID have some good times which I'll show in a different post.  But my son is definitely a lot of work, and I'm not one to clout your minds with pictures of roses and lollipops, before you see the pictures of the sour lemons first!  Plus, it's just plain funny after it's all said and done!