Friday, September 24, 2010

Climbing Over the Hump

As the 2 week baby-sitter hiatus draws to a close today (Friday), I see that although I knew 2 weeks with the grandparents would make my mother very happy, it has actually helped bond my father and Diego most.

After noticing the bond at the lake over the weekend, I reached my parent's house earlier this week to find that my 61 year old father had gone online, went onto Craigslist, searched for a baby wheeled walker (he saw how handy it was while we were at the lake), bought it and picked it up all in the same day. Now - I know there are a lot of older yet savvy internet users, but I'm still amazed when my own dad is able to accomplish such feats.

And it seems that the extra time in the walker has done Diego's legs some good. Last night as I was coming out of the bathroom, my husband yelled for me... "Look at Diego! Look at Diego!". He nearly scared the bejesus out of me. "What?!!!" I asked in semi-terror.

Both his hands were grasping the crib bar and he was wobbly and flimsily pulling himself upward. He was now climbing the crib at 8 months! It actually reminded me of a Hollywood ghoul movie, where a goblin or a some type of creature is born into adulthood - forfeiting infancy, shaking to get himself up due to his still undeveloped mind and muscles that have never been used before. Yes - it was exactly like that. But of course, my little D is neither a ghoul nor a goblin. A devil - maybe, but never a ghoul or goblin :)

Time for me to lower the crib!