Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two Steps Ahead

I'm not sure if it's a trait that is inherited when you become a mother, but I've seem to be two steps ahead on special events lately. I envision that it's the excitement of celebrating every special occasion for the first time with my son. For example, we're in the beginning of September and I ALREADY know what my Halloween costume is going to be. I'm NEVER this early! It's going to be a "couples" costume between me and Diego. You'll see in October :)

My mother and I walked around at a fair today. It was filled with all sorts of trinkets that - while I think they are cute, I just see items that would clutter the house for the most part. I also couldn't help thinking, "THIS is where grandmas go to get all those weird grandma-like things!"

Of course there were some booths that caught my interest, like the one that sold baby clothes with sayings like:
  • Pooh is my homeboy
  • You're old
  • Well-behaved children rarely make a difference in the world - I wanted to get this one to spite the baby sitter.
But the booth that I felt was worth me dropping some cash at was the one that sold personalized Christmas ornaments? Yes - Christmas ornaments. I know it's months away, but since months ago, I've been thinking about how I needed to get one special ornament to signify Diego's first Christmas. Just like the one that my mom has of me and my sister. We always hang it on the tree. Just think about how old it is now. It's amazing, it's an antique, and it's something I just had to do for Diego.