Friday, September 24, 2010

Diego Can't WALK!

A story as told by one of my sister's good friends while discussing my sister's impending marriage, tentatively scheduled for 6 months from now.

Daughter: Mommy, do I get to be a flower girl again?

Mom: Yes, Sweetie you will.

Daughter: Will I be walking down the aisle with Michelle again?

Mom: No Sweetie, I don't think that Michelle will be coming to this wedding.

Daughter: Then who will I be walking down the aisle with?

Mom: You'll be walking down the aisle with Diego (currently 8 mos.) and Mokee (my sister's chocolate Labrador).

Daughter: Don't be silly, Mommy!

Mom: Why am I being silly?

Daughter: You know Diego CAN'T WALK!.....