Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry (or sit) if I want to...

Yesterday was my birthday and contrary to the title, it was enjoyable. But I think I received my real, belated birthday present just this morning. As I handed Diego off to his new baby sitter for Day 2 this morning and asked her how he did, she said very matter of factly and defensively, "He's NOT a cry baby!"

At that moment, I think I saw the clouds part and the sun's golden rays of light shine through.

Diego says, "You're welcome," for the wonderful & sunny Indian summer you are experiencing.

But seriously, I was and admittedly still am a little hesitant about this new babysitter, but she does know what to say to win people over! She is slowly retiring and is accepting only a few children now. Diego will be the only full-time baby. There are pros and cons about this:

  • Fewer children=more Diego attention
  • Fewer children=less immune system battles
  • She's cheaper than the last sitter
  • She does not speak Spanish, so Diego will need to get his Spanish lessons from family only
  • Fewer children=less stimulation & socialization

I don't know what's going on with my scheduling capabilities, but I seem to always schedule Diego's first day of daycare on or following a significant event. For example, the first time it was the day after my very first Mother's Day, and this time it was on my birthday.

Nonetheless, I managed to have a great birthday. Over the weekend we went to a lake with the family to enjoy the 92-degree weather and attempt to get Diego to start swimming, or at least in the water now that he is well enough. That was a failed attempt, as Diego did NOT enjoy the cold water, and found the texture of wet sand disgusting under his feet. To think, how could an 8-month old baby be so picky about what he's standing on so soon? But in fact, he was. This was unfortunate because I am a fish frog (long lanky legs) in the water.

On my actual birthday we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant, where Diego gave me my present: sitting in his high chair all on his own! Just what I wanted!

He also kept busy chewing on the tough exterior of a slice of French bread (supervised of course)

while almost breaking his neck to watch a 3-year old blonde girl at the table next to us. I joked that one day, I will be mother-in-law to a blonde.

PS. On the picture of my dad using a light to read the bill..... Ya - um, that's one of Diego's toys where the light automatically turns on for a bit when you spin the ball. So glad I brought it. It came in handy under the low lights. I'll be sure to keep it somewhere handy during blackouts. LOL!

Also, I'm not sure why I look so hunchbacked in all the dinner photos. Perhaps carrying my little one is taking it's toll on my posture (which was never very good to begin with)