Friday, September 3, 2010

Validation & Teeth!

Another milestone met, and this one I wasn't even expecting. People have been telling me that Diego might be teething since he was 4 months old. It was an assumption because of what a heavy crier he is. Each month that passed, and no teeth sprouted, I just gave in and accepted that my son was a crier.

In my last post, the baby sitter was at her wit's end with Diego, causing me to be at my wit's end with her. His crying was inexhaustible. Not only was he sick with Bronchiolits a couple weeks ago, but unbeknownst to us he was also in the middle of teething.

When I felt the little chompers with my own hands, I felt a weird rush of pride. Although it's not anything that he physically did on his own (it's just nature), I was still proud to know that my baby was teething. It's validation for me, showing the baby sitter that his recent cries were most likely due to his new pearly whites.

I'm still looking for new daycare though. My mom abhors the sitter, and for my sweet mom to hate someone so much says something. There's nothing like a grandmother's overprotective heart!

Javier now refers to Diego as our little "conejito" (English translation: little bunny - because of the two bottom teeth he now has). OK - little conejito, your pushy mom wants you to hop to the next milestone: crawling... Hop to it!