Tuesday, November 13, 2012



One month and you're officially a toddler!  Where has the time gone?  I've got to be honest with you though, I'm really anticipating your toddler years.  Although you are so cute, cuddly, and little right now, you actually HATE to be coddled and insist that I ALWAYS hold your hand so that you can walk around with support.  This month, you have grown from walking around with two-hand support, to only one-hand support, and then by just grabbing one-finger.  These are litterally your "baby-steps"

One of my favorite things you do is when I'm laying on the floor and you come crawling on me and hug me, and by "hug" I kind of really mean that you throw your body and face onto me (and sometimes even give a little bite).   Yeah - I'm not a fan of the biting part.  You also enjoy rolling on our bed although it still stresses me out because you don't realize what falling off the bed feels like just yet. 

Also, this month has really solidified your greatly-anticipated ability to sleep through the night!  Thank you, Lord!

    • Yesterday you stood on your own and didn't even notice for about 30 seconds.  When you were 10 seconds in, there were already beads of sweat on my brow.  By the time you reached 30 seconds, I'd nearly passed out!
    • Are you pointing AT things?  Or pointing FOR things?  You've picked up finger pointing somewhere along the way.  You mix a finger point with a Tater-grunt, and you've started communicating the things you want.  And boy... you want EVERYTHING!
    • Favorite Pastimes:
      • Swinging an open door back and forth.
      • Reaching into the:  toy box, flower box, bathtub, and toilet (No Tater!  Ewww)
      • The backyard is the place to be, even now that it's getting chilly.
    • You've come to associate my finger with your ability to walk.  You deliberately look for my finger, grab it with assertiveness, and then your whole body language changes.  It's as if you say, "Good, got the finger.  So let's go now!"
    • Bets are still coming in on when you will walk unassisted.  I'm not too confident that you'll be as good a walker as your brother was by his first birthday.  We have one month to go, and you're still a little floppy like a fish at times.
    • You still love to eat, so your birthday theme will be Cookie Monster. (Oh and your tastebuds have matured to the point that you now REFUSE bland food!  Who?  Tater?  No way.  Yep - it's true, your palate only wants the good stuff now.) 
    • You and your brother have a love-hate relationship.  When he starts to get a little aggressive, you hold your ground and don't take his crap.

    • I'm trying my best to be patient about your need for me to ALWAYS hold your hand while walking.  To stay sane, I've started to think of it as if you're in Rehab, trying to learn to walk again and I'm your physical therapist.  The more therapy time, the quicker you'll walk.  Yeah - it's a stretch but hey, it's got me up and walking with you!  I'm a great therapist.
    •  I STILL haven't got my act together when it comes to exercise.  I smell a new year's resolution looming near!
    • In my quest to balance work and home life, I'm on a new kick to get organized.  So far, so good!  It's really helping me spend quality time with the kids.  A separate post to come.