Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Over


And like that they're gone.

Almost two full months passed.  Two months full of family activities and although exhausted, I couldn't even begin to imagine how worse off I would've been without their in-house Nanny help.  My inlaws helped me so much with my daily schedule, especially my mother inlaw with Mateo.

Here's an example of the big help I received that I'm now missing (sadface):

7:00 am - When Mateo would wake up crying, I could just focus on getting myself ready knowing my mother inlaw would be there to get Mateo ready, plus I could just let Diego keep sleeping because they watched him the entire day and cut my day care costs in half!
12:00pm - I'd go home for a lunch that was already made!
6:00 pm - I'd arrive home from work to an already cooked homemade dinner!
7:00 pm - Washing the dinner dishes?  What's that?
8:00 pm - Although not fully relieved of my baby duties, it was nice to have someone else share time keeping Mateo from crying entertained.

And now, with the flick of the wrist they're gone and all duties fall back on me - the only mom left in the house.  The first night back in the saddle went pretty well, I had prepped to make a Peruvian dish for dinner so all I had to do was toss the ingredients together in a pan when I got home from work.  It took me a total of 20 mins and in that time Mateo kept himself busy getting into kitchen cabinets.  When he started to get a little fussy, I gave him a piece of fruit to keep his hands and mouth busy.  After dinner, he started getting needy when he no longer wanted to crawl.  He insisted that I hold his hand as we walked around the house.  Mateo led me to my inlaws' "old" bedroom. The door was closed so that he would not be able to crawl in there and get into things.  He examined the door, touched it, played patty-cake with it, and tried reaching for the handle.

With his baby grunts and mumbles, he'd repeatedly point to the door. 

"I know, Tater."  

"I'll miss them too."

I really will - Shirley