Thursday, November 8, 2012


Skipping rocks; it's what little boys love to do at the water's edge.  He stood there watching his big brother cast stones into the water, amazed each time it bounced off of the glistening water.  He threw his own stone with the experience of a toddler.  Plunk!

He pointed to a rock's peak sticking out of the water off in the distance.  Croc!  He yelled.  And all the boys: Grandpa, Brother, and Dada started throwing stones to see who could hit the "croc".  Grandpa won.

When the stone-casting died down, he sat down next to me by the water's edge and gave me a big bear hug. I had a girl-moment where everything is was perfect.  Damn it's great to be a mama!  A lady bug landed on my arm.  A sea gull floated by in the water.  "Mama!  Bird" he said and pointed.  What a cutie.
"Mama, MY bird!"  he said, still pointing.  So cute.  "Yes, Diego it's your bird if you can get him." Giggles.


"Mama!  KILL bird!"  he yelled.
"What?!" I asked astonished.

How could a child with speech development issues learn the word "kill" so easily and still not say "love" yet?  He probably learned it from one of his big brother's video games. Ah well, boys will be boys.  My girly moment was definitely over after that.

At least I got my hugs in - Shirley


Sara said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha, oh man. It's so crazy what random things kids will yell out...usually when you least expect it. At least you enjoyed the moment while it lasted! :)