Friday, November 16, 2012



Warning:  Don't read this post if you have a sensitive stomach!

You really can't make this stuff up.  Is it a coincidence that both the house and Diego had their pipes clogged at the same time?  The only difference was that the house didn't constantly scream, "Caca!" and run around not knowing how to get away from his own body.  Poor little guy was in pain and scared sh!tless (literally!).  And it's too bad that I couldn't pay the plumber to run the snake at a 2-for-1 rate!

No... After the plumber left our house, it was Mama and Dada's turn to do some-- more delicate --plumbing work, where prune juice just couldn't come through for us.  I felt like I was acting out a sitcom -- I mean seriously this stuff doesn't really happen, does it?  Oh I forgot.  I'm a mom.  Yes it does.

The night ended with a pair of disposable gloves on my hands, helping coax out the "prize" while Dada played the role of the stirrup mechanism and while screams of desperation filled the air.  It all went down in a matter of seconds, but if you ask my memory it had to have been hours.  What can you do as a mom?  You know it has to come out eventually and we just couldn't see our little guy suffer a second night in a row.  So we did everything we could, short of giving little D a colonic.

It was  one of those "mom" nights that only another mom or sewage plant worker could empathize with.  If I could stomach anything right now...

I'd have a drink in my hand.

But a deep breath followed by deep sleep is second-best.  

So, goodnight everyone- Shirley the Plumber