Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Vs. Cookies

Above: Stuff I've Photoshopped for Tater's B-day party

 If anyone celebrates birthdays in December, I'm wondering how you do it? The month of December has always been reserved just for Christmas for me.  I never had any conflicting celebrations.  There be NO TIME to do anything else!

But now with Mateo turning 1 on the 13th (OMG!), I'm wondering how I'm going to plan and decorate for his little party as well as decorate the house for Christmas???  Since he likes to eat, I've chosen Cookie Monster as his birthday theme. I've pinned a few cookie monster pins on Pinterest, and I've already started on some of the decorations.

But Tater's birthday is in mid December.  Does this mean that there will be some span of time where my house will be decorated in both reds and greens AND blues and browns?  What a color clash! I certainly wouldn't want a tree or Christmas light ending up in the background of Tater's B-day photos (call me crazy and extremely anal).  That's just too much for my one-track decorating mind to comprehend.  So for now, my one track mind has forgotten about Christmas and we're focusing on Cookies, Milk, and Monsters instead.

The pressured decorator - Shirley

Cookie Decor
I'm in a budget pinch this month, and the dark-blue #1 iron on applique was on clearance only 50 cents!  Score!