Saturday, November 17, 2012



For the past few years retail stores have been trending earlier and earlier on selling christmas decorations before we've even reached Thanksgiving!  This has caused another trend/bandwagon of people who gripe about how it's much too early (I've been guilty of this myself).  But since my local Costco started selling Panettone for the holidays in early October, all is forgiven and I've fallen off the bandwagon!  I've merrily stocked up on a fresh loaf of Panettone each week!  Merry Christmas to who?  Merry Christmas to ME!

And guess who shares in my joy of Panettone?  Mr. Terrible-Twos.  Mr. tantrum throwing, hand-raising, will bite you if he doesn't get his way and Mr. just. plain. RUDE!  Yes - Mr. Wonderful was about to have one of his classic fits as he demanded a slice from his not-fast-enough dad.  "Dada!  Eat Cake!  My Cake! Dada!"

I swear I could see a heat condensation fog rise from his skin as his hot temper began to boil.  Dada ran to him with a slice of "Cake" in hand.  I looked away, knowing full well Dada had not made it in time and the cake was about meet the floor with a dramatic SPLAT!

And then. Silence. The floor had dodged a blow.

Followed up with a very muffled, yet sweet, "Thank you!"

And with those two new little polite words my heart was instantly warmed.

Merry Early Christmas - Shirley