Wednesday, February 2, 2011

International Birthday


My dear Diego,

Today is your VERY FIRST birthday, and now that you are napping, I wanted to take some time to capture the wonderful day in my mind. (Although I would LOVE to be right there with you in slumber!)

Although this time last year, we experienced a torrential storm while bringing you into this world, this morning it was hot yet overcast (probably because we are vacationing in Peru). You slept with us in the bed last night, and I woke to find you in your favorite position - face down, booty up.

You woke in a good mood. I gave you a warm bath and brushed your 8 teeth for the first time using children's toothpaste and a Barney the Dinosaur toothbrush that I bought for you at the local store last night.
I made sure to lovingly sing you Happy Birthday, and you were able to stay a cute, cuddly baby for almost half the song! Then you remembered your newly-found ability to walk and decided that you had better places to go. We descended to the first floor where your grandparents were ready to give you big birthday hugs and kisses and a Toy Story 3 T-shirt to match your upcoming birthday theme.
Since your first birthday fell on a Thursday, we are diligently working on your BIG pool party for Saturday.
Although you won't remember this day or this past year even, I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. There is an unconditional love inside of me that I never expected to feel, which makes me blind to all your menaces like your crying, your constant need to be picked up only to want to be put down again, and your new biting habit (not even the dog has ever bit me as much as hard as you!)
Forget about the the bruising from the love bites on my arm and forget about my sore back - just one look at those big, round angelic eyes, and none of those things compare to the aura of love that I have for you that surrounds me when I'm next to you, or even think of you.
I love you much and anticipate so many more birthdays and memories throughout the years to come.

Happy FIRST birthday DD!