Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jumping for Joy!

I didn't notice when Diego started to stand up without holding onto any supporting structure; just his own equilibrium and gluteal muscles doing the job. I'll admit, I subconsciously felt a little robbed of delighting in the new milestone. It just seemed that once I noticed he was doing it, I wasn't sure if he'd also done it yesterday or even the day before. I wondered if the new-mom infatuation with my child was beginning to wear off... until today.

Today, Diego and I practiced a new milestone: jumping. He's perfected his squat, and his aunt even nicknamed him Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while we were at the park yesterday. In hindsight I can understand how learning to squat would naturally lead to the sudden urge to SPRING UP from the crouching position into a full-blown jump. Well, OK, I'll admit that a quarter of an inch at most off the ground may not exactly qualify as a "full-blown" jump, but to a mother's eyes it was like he was practically flying; especially when I would help catapult him a smidgen higher than he could actually jump.

Isn't equilibrium amazing? It's the reason we are able to walk upright on two legs without falling on our faces; well most of us at least. I used to think you either had equilibrium, or you didn't. It wasn't something that really had a gray area. But I've noted that each day Diego is able to balance better and better. His aunt also commented that even though he's gained weight, he no longer feels like a sack of bricks when carried. We attribute that to the fact that he's distributing his weight better now, aka: better equilibrium. I guess equilibrium DOES come in shades of gray... there's hope for me yet with yoga!