Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Switching Teams???

Today, my sabbatical ended (display pouty face here). I walked into
my cube to find it decorated in a Latin American (basically Mexican)
theme. It's customary to decorate cubes according to the place that
the employee went during their sabbatical.

I took one look at my Mexican decor and instantly understood -- it's
tough to find good Peruvian decorations out there.

The cube decor came dangerously fitted with Dora the Explorer candies
-- note the half-eaten candy bracelet on my hand.

I am back in the working mom role after a six-week hiatus. I know
there's a gang war going on out there between working moms vs. stay at
home moms (a war almost as divided as the whole team Edward vs. Team
Jacob thing).

But for the record I'd be a stay at home mom in a heartbeat if I could
afford it.... as well as not have to sacrifice my shopping habits. I
know, I know, I want it all. Doesn't EVERY woman though?