Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPad iNception....

OK, I know it's already mid-week, and I'm just posting my weekend recap now, but let's pretend I was more punctual in nature, shall we? The most important thing is that Mokee came home on Saturday as healthy as could be.  Ironically, his after-care plan consists of giving him more medications for the next week.  We're making sure to keep this new medication somewhere labrador-proof this time.  I didn't want to ask what could happen if he swallowed this new bottle.

We spent Saturday at my mother's house after getting Mokee released from the vet.  The doctor said to hold off on any exercise until Monday, so we were confined to the house.  I leveraged this as a childcare opportunity and brought all my video equipment to record a fun vloggin' vednesday video while my mother entertained watched Diego.  I'm really having too much fun with those vlogs.

Sunday was family day, and my husband took us all to Malibu to play games.  Diego was lovin' the arcade area.  Here is a picture of his favorite, the race car of course!  No quarters needed for Diego to be entertained.  He's a cheap date, and a natural with the stick shift!

We also stopped at an Apple store where I played on the iPad2 a bit.  I really want one, but only because of the "cool" factor.  But then it hit me, like the movie "Inception", a tiny thought was planted in my mind and has been growing since.  I'm possibly going to get one of those cool-a$$ tablets for my hubby on Father's day!  I think this would GET HIM OFF MY DAMN LAPTOP he would really appreciate and use the iPad.  Especially since he mostly just reads online International news.  [PS.  I chose the iPad image because the background happened to be of Peru :)]

What are you planning to get your baby-daddies for Father's day?  Ideas welcome!