Monday, April 25, 2011

The News

I am such a tease, it's like right before you're about to find out who's going home on American Idol and Seacrest cuts to a commercial brake.  Yes, I was purposely MIA from the computer over the weekend just as the story reached its pinnacle.  I don't think I touched the computer once.  I think I had successfully "Googled" myself out over the past few days, that I just needed a technology brake.

So here is the update from Friday's debaucle:  my bloodwork came back and the hCG levels had increased since my miscarriage back in March.  My last level was 2300, and as of last week I have reached 4000!  The nurse said the words I wanted to hear:

"It looks like this is a new pregnancy..."

After she uttered those words, I decided to take my technology break.  My thought was: if this was a new pregnancy then, one way or another, fate would determine its outcome.  No amount of Googling will change what fate has in store for me now.

Just a few hours ago, I snuck away from work on my lunch hour to have my first ultrasound.  This time it was much different than the last time that I sat in that chair.  The nurse was so forthcoming with information "on the spot"; she didn't make me wait in anticipated silence until she finished all her photos.  No - right away she said, "I see the sack and a small embryo, and I see a flicker of a heartbeat."  She showed it to me.... it was the cutest little fluttering smudge I've ever seen in my life!

Aside from the fact that I'm still spotting, everything looked good from what she could see.  She said the placement was nice and high, and my ovaries looked good.  Of course you must know me by now; I am extremely worried that I'm still spotting, but seeing that heartbeat today has given me a high which has flooded my senses with a temporary calmness.  I feel good today.

I've been placed at 5 weeks and 5 days today with a due date of December 21st.  A Christmas baby!

When I got back to work lunch was almost over, and it was almost time for my next meeting.  But realizing the new importance of my diet choices, I took a few minutes to order my lunch and chose brown rice instead of white rice and went with the choice of snap peas.  And that my friends, is the news. 


Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so so excitied for you. I don't know to much about 1st trimester miscarriages but a beating heart sounds like great news. Virtual Hugs Shirley!