Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mrs. Shirley's Better Photo Class

While reading through the gazillion mom blogs that I sub to in Google Reader, I stumbled upon an informative post from It's a Good Life blog.  She directed her readers to another blogger My 3 Boybarians who has a series called "31 Days to a Better Photo".

It peaked my interest since I recently purchased my first DSLR, and know not a THING about photography! Well sort of, my sister is a photographer so I remember something about aperture being very important and using a low f-stop in low lighting.  My DSLR was originally a purchase intended for recording HD video primarily with great photos as an added bonus.   

But now since I shelled out so much dough to buy this camera, I want to start using it like it should be used.  So after reading only the first day of the 31 day series, I decided to use this series as guidance but change the days to weeks instead.  I figured if I want to be serious, I really need to focus for more than one day on a specific topic.  I even plan to give myself homework for that week (I'm such a nerd!).  I will post my homeworks and you all can give me a progress report! 

So in between my breaks at work today and after cooking dinner and after the baby decides to take a nap tonight, I will use any spare time to cozy up for my first week lesson:  "Find Your Camera Manual!"  (and may I add, that I'm the type who usually DOES read instructions - not like my hubby or sis who learn by blindly pressing buttons or guessing where a screw goes!.

Also, prior to buying my DSLR I found this YouTube Channel- Canon Australia (Why of course you know I love to watch videos - why not DSLR tutorials?) which I thought was also very informative.  Plus the narrator is pretty easy on the eyes!  If you don't own a Canon, there is still tons of useful info in the video tutorials.

Here's the intro video