Friday, June 3, 2011

16 Months!

There was some progress this month, but the main goal of speaking receives a BIG thumbs down.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go straight to jail...

We've I've tried very hard this month, but Diego is just A.D.D. when it comes to books and reading.  Anything that catches his attention, he must touch and interact with.  From a mere flip to the next page - which he must ALWAYS do while I am in mid-sentence, to trying the break the book - he just doesn't want to actually listen to the story.

He even takes the book out of my hand, flips it open, and begins to point and "read" it himself.  The book is usually upside down, and his oration usually consists of soft and droned out cooing.  He is imitating Mommy, and there's no way that she's getting the book back!

So right now we're still at baby babblings of "Da-da" and "Ma-Ma" with no context behind them.  Supplemented with grunts and cries and finger pointing for milk and food.  I am almost at a loss, but I know that would mean that he is winning.  I can't let him do that; I can't set a precedence.  So we will continue.

There has been some good progress on other topics, I'm glad to say!

  • Waving goodbye
  • Kissing on queue
  • Spoon Fork-feeding
  • Bath Time Hell
  • Swimming Hell

If you have a moment, please watch my vlog which goes into detail about the Hell that is bath time and swimming!