Monday, June 27, 2011

The Four-Zero Project: Week 14

Party planning, party planning, and more party planning!  That's been the theme of this week.  I've been so involved in all the party stuff that I've barely noted anything special for this 14th week of pregnancy.
There IS one thing I noticed while I was working on some crafts for my father's party.  I was working from home because my childcare plans fell through.  There I was trying to cut gi-normous airplane cutouts for my father's party, and Diego decides he wants to be as involved as possible.  He touched everything (which scared me because I was using Exacto knives), crumpled everything, and wanted to continuously throw everything off the table and onto the floor!  Arg!

He also insisted on crawling in the small space between my back and the back of the chair that I was sitting in and then proceeded to climb on me as if I were Mt. Everest!  It reminded me of the time I was in the Amazon Jungle and had monkeys on my my head!

Each time he started to climb Mt. Shirley-est, I would scoot over to another chair and continue my very important work.  He would simply leave the chair he was on, and follow me to the next chair.  I gave up, and let him continue to climb me.  At one point he grabbed onto a thick chunk of my long hair and used it as his mountain-climbing rope.  Strangely, I used the word "thick" just now in that last sentence when speaking about my hair.  Come to think about it, my hair HAS been cooperating with me this week, and I've had some very cute hairstyles.

My hair has never been the same since Diego was born and he's basically a year and a half now!  But I think this new pregnancy is giving my hair that new-life-during-pregnancy kick that people talk about.  And I know it's not the prenatal vitamins because unfortunately, I haven't been good at taking those religiously.  :(

So at the same time that my belly is growing, so is my hair and I LOVE IT!  Since I'm still at that stage where I can sorta hide the belly, and yet ROCK the healthier hair, I'm all smiles this week.... yup... all smiles.

Great hair - not too shabby!


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You look so great. Love the first photo!