Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Crazy, Fainting Girl!

Introducing Baby-Dos in 3D!!!!

And here he/she is in "old-school" 2D (snooze!)

I never got any 3-dimensional pictures of Diego, so it was so fun to see the baby in this new light.  Its little arms and legs are so cute and nubby compared to the big head.  It kind of reminds me of a Cherub or those toys with gi-normous heads and small bodies.  The lady taking the pictures said some people are surprised and scared of what the 3D pics look like, but I find it to be the cutest thing ever!

Before we took this picture, I sat down with a counselor to go over the screening process.  Nothing new since I'd done this before.  However, he seemed a little concerned when I told him that I may have gestational diabetes.  He asked me to confirm when I knew for sure because that meant I should have an additional ultrasound later to look at the baby's heart. 

We also went over a problem that we found in Diego during his pregnancy.  There was a larger than expected amount of fluid in his head.  I joked that since he's been born, he's always ranked in the 95th percentile on head circumference at his pediatric appointments,  so it could've just been that he has a huge head.  The counselor laughed at my joke, and said that could have been it since there have been no signs of an explanation since.

After the ultrasound, the combination of pictures taken and my blood work results left me with a 99.99999% chance that this baby will NOT have Down Syndrome.  That of course, is always a relief to hear.  However, there is another part of the screening in a month or so, so news can change.  For now, we can celebrate good news at this stage.

After my integrated screening, I drove to my prenatal appointment where I was able to hear the baby's heart beat.  It was so melodic!  My doctor then asked if I had been told that I had gestational diabetes.  I told her I was told that my levels were high, but I did not know that definitively meant I had gestational diabetes.  It did, and I do.  (sad face)

I explained my poor eating habits since my stepson moved in with us, and she told me that although those foods would certainly help increase my levels, they do not just give you diabetes.  She said that I may have been a little diabetic before I even got pregnant.  I was surprised to hear that, and I didn't know that someone could be "a little" diabetic.  I didn't question her further because I had my appointment the next day at Sweet Success with a nutritionist, so I saved my questions for the expert.

Before I left, I reminded my doctor of the car accident that I experienced when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with Diego.  When I would lay or even lean on my back, Diego's weight would put pressure on my Vena Cava causing lack of blood to the head and fainting.  Unfortunately, this happened while driving to a city 1 1/2 hrs away in the fast lane of a freeway.  Luckily no one was hurt or involved other than me and my car.  And my "injuries" consisted of a few barely noticeable scratches on my foot because I was wearing sandals.

Right when I mentioned this issue to my doctor, her eyes widened and she said, "That's right!  You're Crazy, Fainting Girl! I remember that!  It was so sad and scary."

I laughed at the new nickname I was given.  Yeah, it was definitely crazy. 

Crazy, Fainting Girl


Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh wow I didn’t know about Diego’s scare and your car accident. Diabetes! Oh no, that stinks! I didn’t know you could be a little diabetic. So how do you avoid fainting in the future? Was it car accident related? Or diabetic related? Baby bean looks so cute!

Shirley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

@Jessica When the baby gets bigger (about 7 months or so) I need to avoid leaning back or laying on my back at all because I will pass out. The car accident was related to the fainting, I was leaning too far back while driving (like how a gangster drives, LOL) and it caused me to pass out. That's how I discovered I had this "Crazy Fainting Girl Syndrome".