Monday, October 3, 2011

Four-Zero Project! 28 Weeks!

The celebration continued on into this new week.  On the 28th, I celebrated my 28th week of pregnancy, the beginning of the 3rd trimester, and my birthday.  Those are some pretty deep milestones! 

Don't think that it hasn't gone unnoticed now that I'm in the home stretch.  My belly has definitely grown (clocking in at 39 inches this week), and thus my belly button has officially popped this week.  It never did with Diego.  I've also felt some weird dizziness as I toss and turn in bed at night, but I'm not sure if it's pregnancy related.  Diego has chest congestion and a runny nose right now (I think he caught it at the shower), and I think my dizziness might actually be head-cold related. 

However, I'm keeping an eye on the dizziness since I have a history of fainting while pregnant.  It was at the beginning of the third trimester during my last pregnancy where my fainting made its big debut in the form of a highway collision between my car and the cement center divider wall.  The doctors found that when my body was reclined, I would pass out due to the baby weight pressure.  So now I'm taking all precautions when driving which includes no longer reclining my seat.  For example, I've taken to driving like an old lady instead of a "Homie G".

 Last night, as I was reading Breaking Dawn (Yes!  I'm STILL working on that darn book but I'm almost done and it looks like I'll make it in time for the cinema release in November) I laid on my back for one hour to see if the fainting symptoms would show up.  I'm in the clear for now...

Though the third trimester is tough, there is one good symptom I noted.  I've got gorgeous nails right now!  They're back to the same length and hardness pre-Diego.  It could be a combination of my being more religious with the prenatal vitamins and the fact that I'm painting (protecting) them more now.  Whatever the reason, I just stare and admire them all day long!


Popped Belly Button
Awesome Nails


I was bad and had a few Rolos, and orange soda this week (not together though)
And yes, I DID eat my birthday cupcake (see below)


Jollyjess6 said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this week's pictures. Two years ago I set out to read the Twilight series(I'm not big on reading, but it's all the rage, so why not) I made it through half of Eclipse and I started college. So after I graduate in December I want to try and get back into reading it, except I think I need to start at the beginning now.

I hope you don't have any fainting spells like you did with Diego. I always drive like a granny, but only because I'm to short. I can't reach the petals if I don't, haha