Monday, October 31, 2011

Dog Park Drama

I've always wondered who got to do the drawings on this sign, and was Scooby Doo their inspiration?

I've been meaning to start revving up more posts with Qori in them because I feel like my fuzzy guy has got the short-end of the fetch stick lately.  This blog started off being all about him in my life and since Diego came along the Qori posts have been few and far between, even though he's still always faithfully by my side.

So this weekend, while Hubby took Diego out to some Halloween festivities, I went with my sister and family to our local off leash dog park intent to snap some great pics of Qori.  The dog park is awesome with rolling hills, sand, and even a dog beach that you can hike down to.  However, since it is an off leash park in San Francisco, you can almost expect each visit to produce some level of dog drama (but not always).  This particular outing yielded the most interesting dog drama yet, between a black lab and a gopher!

The gopher was pulled out of his hole by the lab puppy and she started playing with the gopher (doing the puppy stance).  There was no vicious growling or thrashing going on (especially because gophers don't squeak apparently); just a puppy having fun.  But the gopher was NOT HAVING IT and stood his ground.... over and over again.

Puppy Stance

If you're anything like me, then do not worry about the poor gopher's safety.  After it was evident that this gopher had his odds stacked against him, and the puppy was still trying to have fun.  I asked my sister (animal goddess- wild or domesticated) to please intervene.  She held the puppy back while I tried to scoot the gopher back into any hole.  The gopher didn't get it.  I don't think he was the brightest crayon in the box.  What was he doing at a dog-infested park anyway?  Not the smartest place to setup.  He's just lucky that this was only a puppy and that two helpful sisters decided to intervene for his sake!

The owner of the puppy FINALLY came for her asking what was wrong after witnessing my sister holding her collar back.  We explained the scenario and spun the story as if we were protecting the puppy from getting bitten by a gopher.  She leashed up the puppy and hauled her away.  That gopher was lucky this time, but I think he should seriously consider moving to another part of town.

 Once again poor Qori was upstaged on his own post, but he still had fun! - Shirley


Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think you're right about that gopher needing to relocate. :) How awesome for Qori that you have such an amazing dog park where you are. Our pooches would love that.