Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let There be [Sky] Light!

Encroachment is the key word this week as the remodel job sneakily started to encroach on our small living space that we considered "safe" until now.  For example, our only existing bathroom now has a gaping hole in it for a skylight (since all windows had to be closed in there was no choice but a skylight for this bathroom unless we wanted a dark cavern for a bathroom).  The front of our house also got some "love" as we started to get rid of that awkward octagonal-shaped front window and replace it with something that window treatments can actually fit, like a RECTANGLE! 

Other than that the rest of the remodel looks basically the same to a novice such as myself, but Hubby insisted that a lot of things were getting done in preparation for our first big inspection.  He pointed out things such as nail patterns and bolts and plates - of which I have no clue about but I took pictures of to please him and to show you.

He was really stressing out about the coming inspection and the coming weather.  Rain was in the forecast and we were not allowed to get our roof done until we passed the inspection.  We also have 5 skylights as part of the remodel (I know! That's a lot!).  I've lived through a previous remodel where my hubby placed an exaggerated 7 skylights at the property (that also happened to be the dream house that we lost when the bubble burst).  During that previous remodel, it also rained while skylight work was being done.  To  make a long, wet story short, I vowed NEVER to have such an exaggerated number of skylights again, and yet with this new property I think Hubby snuck more in somehow.  I don't know when it is that we reached 5.  What can I say?  We're suckers for natural light and bright open spaces.

Update:  This is going into Week 9 but it's too good of news to keep for too long.  Hubby passed the inspection and only a couple hours later, it started to rain.  I was mentally preparing for a wet night as I sat at my desk at work, but I think hubby learned his lesson from the previous job and I was pleasantly greeted to a dry home!

And that folks, is construction life...