Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mi Guitarra!

Photo taken around 1 yr of age...

 The Latin guitar runs through Diego's veins...

It started with a wooden guitar that he received for his first b-day and still "uses" almost a year later, although the strings are all missing. Since then, he's had many toy guitars and makeshift guitars including ping pong paddles, sticks of wood, and his favorite bent tennis racket which is featured in the video below. He inherited the tennis racket after it was bent, which involves a long story about my stepson, the racket, and a garter snake in the house.  Long story short, my stepson and the racket lost and the snake won -- only to lose a few weeks later to the construction workers at our house.

Diego loves the guitar, and especially the racket as you can see in the video.  No one taught him those moves either. He just seemed to pick them up. I hope you enjoy!