Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4-Month Update!

Photobucket It's been 4 months!  Where has the time gone?  At first I was counting down the days to when you would sleep through the night, and now four months later I've gone back to work and you still wake up about 1-2 times in the night.  But honestly, I'm happy to have survived the first few months of sleepless nights.  1-2 times in the night?  Piece of cake!

Ma-TAY-to's 4 Month Tidbits:

You weighed 17lbs at your 4 month check-in!
I put you in a Carter's 9 MONTH one-sie the other day... fit you like a glove...  9 months!
You're above the 90's percentile for weight, height, and length
You go to sleep around 9 pm and wake around 7 am (with a couple wakes in between)
You like to grasp things and prefer to put cloth toys vs. hard toys in your mouth
You flirt...  look directly in people's eyes and smile your dimpl-y smile
You have a proud smile on your face when you bear your own weight on your legs
You prefer being in a carrier vs. a stroller (which is opposite of what Mama likes)
Your warning-cry sounds more like you're chuckling to yourself (then you start to wail!)
You love when people play with your feet
You love watching your big brother at play
Sometimes you fall asleep crying; like when Mama puts you in the crib to cook dinner
You're not sure what to make of wind (you take a deep breath and tense up when a gust blows)
You suck your hand and Mama wonders if this is a sign for future thumb-sucking
You are not the best car-baby.  Aren't babies supposed to fall asleep in cars?  Not you!
You're much more tolerant of bath time than your brother was!



 Enjoying the precious moments! - Shirley

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