Monday, April 2, 2012

Month in Phone Pics - March Recap

Weekend getaway to wine country.

House remodel status.  Paint on walls and flooring!

Diego enjoys the San Francisco Exploratorium

Mateo is starting to use his activity chair.  Diego takes naps and tries to fly his helicopter with a mismatched $1.00 remote from the Goodwill.

Diego is a wise guy for photos.  Mateo starts grasping at his toys.  We baby sit my sister's dog who had cancer surgery; Diego decided his cone was a great toy storage.  Simultaneous brotherly naps and tummy times.

Diego plays at his speech therapy waiting room and with his new Thomas the Train toy that I bought him at a consignment event.  I try to curl my hair using the no heat sock bun method.  A picture of mama bear at Diego's speech therapy.  A delicious San Francisco ice cream:  Espresso Chip. Yum!


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How is D's Speech therapy going? E has a hearing test on Thurs. Mateo looks so grown now!