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I feel like I've just been initiated into the Mother's Room gang!  LOL.  Despite the state-of-the-art online calendar to personally reserve time in the room, and despite the keypad lock on the door, and despite the "Vacancy/Occupied" sign on the door, I was still walked in on by another mother as I was about to handle my business yesterday!  Awkward!

I cannot think of too many things that look more awkward than a pumping mother.

OK, maybe this:

But that's about it.

I have the room reserved at 4pm every day.  I arrived at the room maybe 3 minutes past the hour to find the "Occupied" sign on the door.

'OK,' I thought.  'I'll just go to the women's room and powder my nose.'  I spent extra time in the women's room trying to observe the 10-minute rule.  When I went back to the room, the "Vacant" sign was now showing.  'Great!'  I entered, switched the sign to "Occupied", and then started to set up.  Just as I was about to press the pump onto myself, I heard the door open and turned my head.  GASP!  Thank goodness the chair was facing away from the door so I'm not so sure how much she saw, if anything.

I was so stunned that I barely managed an "Oh!", before the woman sincerely apologized, lowered her eyes, and closed the door.  She was probably more ashamed than I was.  Honestly, after giving birth to and nursing 2 kids I'm used to other women seeing my goods on occasion.  And by "other women" I mostly mean my mother.  LOL.  But don't get me wrong, I'm still not the type to freely show it all in the ladies' locker room if you know what I mean!  

I finished my business and on my way out the door, I checked the vacancy sign to see if maybe it was faulty.  It appeared to be fine.  I was trying to give her the benefit of doubt.  I looked up the woman online who had the time slot before me on the calendar and it was definitely her.  Maybe since I was new, she was not used to having a rigid 1/2-hr time slot.  But still - it had been over 10 minutes into my 30 minutes.   How would you have reacted if this happened to you?

I guess I'm going to need that nursing cover after all! - Shirley
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Wowza! I'm so proud of you for keeping up with pumping. I'm so fearful of keeping up with it when I get pregnant with the next kiddo. At least I have a great resource to go to with questions.