Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday 4.20.2012

 Linking up with Girlymama for Fashion Fridays!

Did you know that insulated wine sleeves are a fashionable way to discreetly store milk for a working mom on the go?  Neither did I!


Here are a few of my outfits this week: 

Week started off pretty boring if you ask me.
Might not look so great, but this was my fave outfit this week. If I could have a celebrity BFF it would be Nicole Richie for sure.  The more boho, the better.
I wish I could be the girl who wears hoop earrings 80% of the time, but I always forget to put them on!
Purple and yellow.  Going a little bold on a Friday :)

Tomorrow is slated to be an awesome 80-degree California day!  I might just take the plunge and wear a skirt or dress to the zoo with my boys  :)

 Wishing you a HOTT weekend!   -Shirley