Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Transfer

Mobile that I bought at a consignment event for a couple of bucks.  Goes well in the new blue room!

I used to call it "The Transfer", and it was rarely a success.  Too often, after finally getting Diego to fall asleep as a baby, I would begin "The Transfer" process:  transferring him to his crib.  Each time could last up to 10 minutes of me inching my way to the crib, hovering over the crib, and slowly (oh so slowly) transferring the tiny package into the crib.  It felt like the very moment that contact was lost between me and Diego, he would immediately start wailing, and I'd need to pick him up again.  I used to joke that I should have done more upper body workouts to prepare for Diego's birth.

This is not an exaggeration.  Transfer failure really happened every time.  Diego hated his crib!  And so, Hubby and I naturally became co-sleeping parents because it was the only way for either of us to get any shut-eye.  These co-sleeping habits exist to this day with Diego at 2 years old, and there are no signs of any change in the horizon.  Diego thinks it's perfectly normal to sleep in our bed.

As you know, we've extended and remodeled our house.  We now have a dedicated bedroom for the boys which we've referred to as "Diego's Room" since its inception.  Hubby jokes that Diego is going to kick and scream when we try to get him to sleep in his own room.  I don't think it's a joke...  And I have little faith that Hubby will be able to follow through to get Diego sleeping in his room.  (Especially since he's already expressed that the solution to the problem is to get a bigger bed!)

Mateo, on the other hand, has given me MANY successful crib transfers.  The difference is astounding.  So THIS is what it feels like to have a normal baby that sleeps in his crib!  So now that we are ready to start using "Diego's Room" it appears that it's a misnomer and should have been dubbed "Mateo's Room".

I am torn.  Don't you think it's unfair that Diego gets to sleep with his parents while Mateo is banished to sleep alone in another room?  He's just a baby. And I'm a Libra - we need to keep things fair and equal. We've never had the space to have the crib in another room before so I never had to deal with these feelings before.  The crib has ALWAYS been in our room.  There is something consoling in knowing that your tiny baby is safely sleeping in the same room as you.  You can hear every whimper and react accordingly if needed.  Still, I can see the benefit of having a separate baby room especially in the mornings.  I would be able to get ready for work without tiptoeing around the baby and hoping that he at least gives me 15 minutes for makeup.  But during the nights, it would require me to get my warm, lazy ass up and walk in the cold all the way (as if I had a mansion) to another room to nurse the baby.  But maybe now that this house remodel has given me central heating it won't be so bad in the nights.  Plus, everybody has a nursery.  This is not a new concept.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm going to try it (once I get a better monitor instead of the cheap-o one I bought for Diego that I didn't really need).  For now, Mateo will sleep in a bassinet in our bedroom, and the crib will stay in the nursery.  Once he outgrows the bassinet, he will be banished to the crib in the other room.  I will try it because I'm game for anything - even though right now I feel like I'm punishing Mateo for being awesome at "The Transfer" process.  Am I alone here with these feelings?

Lying in the bed that I made - Shirley

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