Friday, December 21, 2012

Diego and Casey?


Diego likes to give me a play-by-play of everything that his little brother has just babbled:

Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaaa!  Bruddah 'dah, dah, dah'.  

Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaaa!  Bruddah 'ma gah dah'

Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaaa!  Bruddah 'oooooo'

Yes, Diego your brother just said all those things.

Two nights ago as I pulled into our driveway, Mateo was especially babble-y.  I was ready for Diego to give me the scoop.  But instead:

Mama, Mama, Mamaaaaaaa!          (Long Pause:)             Bruddah Casey!

And no, he did not confuse his brother's name as Casey.  He was actually referring his bruddah as "CRAZY"!  A phrase that he just picked up from my dad (we need to be careful now because he's repeating everything!).

If I were a stick in the mud, I would've freaked out and corrected Diego on his brother's level of sanity.  But instead, I couldn't stop laughing.

Thanks for the good laugh!  - Casey Shirley