Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More Coordination

We had a big storm in the Bay Area this weekend.  The media was making a big deal about it.  I personally felt like it was a mountains-out-of-molehills situation.  The West coast wanted to out-do Hurricane Sandy; impossible.   Still - we stayed indoors mostly over the weekend.  The Hubs took Diego out for a bit of shopping and they came home with a new winter jacket and an Angry Birds (or "Ache-y Birds" as Diego calls them now) board game.

Diego was excited about this game.  I wasn't so sure if he would get it (the box said ages 5+).  It requires a special way that the slingshot needs to be held.  Also, launching the bird to hit the pigs takes coordination.  But -

He knocked them out on the first try.  The kid's a genius.

The game comes with cards that some sucker I needed to use as blue-prints to physically build each level.  After the thousandth time of building the levels, I got lazy and thought I could pull one over on him, and I built a half-assed level.  The kid's a damn inspector.  As soon as I told him I was done, he pointed out that I had CLEARLY missed the star.

Exhibit A:  Mama doesn't pass inspection.

I should have known better, he's a genius after all - Shirley

Aftermath of the storm:  View of my parent's  backyard.  The fallen fence on the right flew ALL THE WAY from the left in one piece!  See where that black, fallen flower pot is?  That's crazy!