Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not Created Equal


Mateo seems to be taking his sweet little time to start walking on his own.  It's really not a big deal, I mean I don't really NEED my finger.  Unfortunately it's attached to the rest of my body and is a little cumbersome sometimes when I'm trying to do things like the dishes or make dinner.

During one of my sequestered-finger sessions with Mateo, the rest of my body had nothing else to do but drift off into thought.  And what did I think about?

"When did Diego start walking, anyhow?"

I did a really bad job of documenting the actual day that Diego started walking, but I do remember the picture above taken on New Years Eve where my little D was looking like a little wise-guy and was already walking!  New Years Eve is 20 days before his birthday, so that picture was taken 20 days before his first b-day.

Now look at the pic of Tater on the right.  I checked the date and it happened to have been taken on the exact same timeline: 20 days before the big day.  Coincidence?  I think not.

And look at Mateo, he just won't let go of that chair! Through my finger contact with him I can feel that he's still a little floppy but I feel like a countdown has begun with destiny.  The hubs and I have different theories about Tater's "delayed" walking.

Mine:  MIND. Tater is more cautious than Diego was, you can tell in everything he does.
Hubs:  BODY. That big belly is distorting Tater's balance and center of gravity.  Of course he can't walk yet!  LOL

It probably seems like I'm such a pushy mom.  The future consists of me muttering the question, "Why can't you be more like your brother?" at every opportunity.  Of course, I know that every kid is different but the mind naturally wants to benchmark progress.  Mateo took his time walking and sleeping through the night.  But Diego took his time to stop CRYING.BLOODY.MURDER, holding his own bottle, and he even continues to be a co-sleeper today while his little brother already calmly falls asleep in the nursery.  

Since the picture of Mateo was taken, he is now about a week "behind" his brother.  Any day now Tater;

Being a pushy patient mom - Shirley