Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tater is a Tot! (12-Month Update)


Happy Birthday Tater!

Today you've been blessing me with your dimples for 1 whole year!  Today you join your brother into the wonderful toddler world.  I'm so excited about this!  My Tater is a tot!  This month had very special milestones.  At the beginning of this month, I handed you a wheeled walker and you just took off running!  And just 3 days ago you officially started walking on your own (cutting it a little close to your birthday, no?).  We also celebrated your cookie monster birthday early and you thought it was deeee-licious!

  • You do this whiney grunt and point to things you want.
  • You still put everything you can find in your mouth.  When will this oral fixation end? You even found an old pacifier and decided to give it a go for old time's sake
  • Our funnest time together is tap dancing.  You love tap dancing and shuffling!
  • Your aunt thought I'd made a mistake when I told her that you wear a size 6 shoe (so she could do some birthday shopping).  She took one look at the massive shoe at the store and bought something else since I had "clearly made a mistake" 
  • You started climbing things but you still don't realize what it means to fall.  There's been a lot of "redecorating" at the house.
  • You decapitated the nativity calf under the tree.
  • You totally love Qori.  Sometimes I think you two need to get a room!
  • Qori loves you too.  Especially since you started sharing your food with him this month.
  • You've been more cuddley this month.  It's like you're trying to entice me to want you to stay a baby instead of turning into a tot.
  • You love exploring the fridge.  The other day I left it open for a few minutes while I was cooking.  I later found an onion with little bite marks on it.
  • You've discovered and have become addicted to the adrenaline rush of a good game of Chase
  • You started standing up during bath time.  I'm not sure if you're picking this up from you co-partner in bathtime crimes: Diego (who always stands in the bath).

Here are some pics on how Tater's First Birthday party went down:
Tater is stunned:  Who are these decorations for?
Mama:  "Go ahead, go wild! I'll clean later."  Boys:  "What is this? It feels gross; I'll pass"
And they finally start to bite, not always just the cake though.
At first, Grandpa couldn't help but notice a resemblance to Adolf.  Then you went and gave yourself the devil's goatee.  Of course you did. 
Tater shows us how he keeps his immune system strong.

Diego blows out his brother's candle prematurely and we all have a good laugh and then try again.
Mateo enjoys his party while Qori helps with the gift wrap and big bro Diego is a self-appointed attacker of all helium balloons!

Happy Birthday Tater Tot! - Shirley