Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Recap

Well - I guess when I put it this way, a lot has happened this year!!!!

Diego and Qori start to bond through food
We celebrate Diego's first birthday bash in Lima Peru
confetti feets
Diego becomes a jump-aholic!

No snow in San Francisco - duh!
I find out I'm pregnant
I have a miscarriage :(
I throw my sis her French themed bridal shower

My sister gets married!
My sister's lab goes to the vet during their honeymoon after ingesting all his arthritis medication
I start to wonder if I'm pregnant again and begin mentally torturing myself
I announce that I'm pregnant indeed!
Diego struggles with language development


Diego is teething and in lots of pain
I revive the Four-Zero Project (pregnancy photo-journal)
I go to my first prenatal appointment
I tell my family I'm pregnant

We work on bathtime therapy with Diego
I'm diagnosed with gestational diabetes
I work on my father's secret airplane-themed retirement party
I tell Diego tells friends that I'm pregnant on Facebook
I experience high glucose readings (mostly in the pinky)
Successful surprise retirement party!
I experience fetal movements
I announce the baby's gender
2nd integrated screening results that I have a bad placenta

It's a boy!
Mommy fail
Bahama baby moon
I discover Pinterest & my first craft: T-shirt tie
House remodel construction begins!

We disagree on baby names (say No to "Marlon")
My Indian, henna-themed baby shower
My birthday
Great nails (prenatal vitamins and no cooking due to construction)
We go to the pumpkin patch
House construction drives me crazy
Sick and pregnant (over and over again!)
Diego starts calling me "Mama" officially
Award-winning skeleton family Halloween costume!

Diego terrorizes Qori
Mateo gets his name!
Diego turns into a genius! Proves he knows his letters
Thanksgiving maternity scare (early delivery?)
We move into the unfinished parts of the house and give it some Christmas Spirit
Mommy Fail..... AGAIN!
Diego the artist starts writing on walls
Mateo is born and gets in our Christmas card at the last minute!
Simply having a wonderful Christmas...

Here's to a fabulous 2012! - Shirley

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Jessica Jollyjess said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Great post!

Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You had such an eventful year. I always loved seeing your creative photos throughout your pregnancy. That skeleton costume was my favorite. I remember showing Eric and talking to others about it too, so very creative.