Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mommy Fail (Again!)

This child can jump on skateboards and balance on them while getting some "semi-air",  he survived an intense construction zone at home, jumps from the highest stairs he can, and climbs up his mini-rock climbing wall with barely a scratch on his face.  But he is NO match the hidden dangers of SLEEPING!

Just like the last Mommy Fail moment, this incident took place at night when mommy and daddy were dog tired.  Except this time, Diego was too.  We all fell asleep on the bed, but I had removed the white bed rail (in the background) earlier because Diego was climbing it like his rock climbing wall and with each climb it was coming off the bed, certain to lead to a disaster.  I had scary visions of a toddler at the pinnacle of his climb when the railing would detach from the bed and both would come falling down to the ground.  So I removed it thinking I was averting certain disaster.  Little did I know I was only trading one disaster for another.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and changed Diego's diaper and put him in his PJs while he continued to sleep.  We had all been so sleepy that we had retired to bed without even changing our clothes.  For a split-second I thought about re-installing the bed rail, but I was so tired and went back to bed.  After all, that bed rail was relatively new in our house (maybe just a few days old) and we never needed it before and Diego is almost two.  I was wrong.

There was a thump in the middle of the night, and then the soundless gasping of a child who was in too much pain to even vocalize it.  Daddy took the reigns this time around, and consoled Diego back to sleep, but we both knew that morning would reveal the real damage.  And it did. 

Of course this happens right at the beginning of my maternity leave while Diego is on my watch.  And of course this happens just in time for all the holiday pictures! 

Glad we didn't end up at the hospital that night - Shirley


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Awww poor Diego. He is such a champ though.