Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's over... sad face!

As we were driving home on the San Francisco Bay Bridge from our pajama party on Christmas night, I looked out the window and saw the beautiful city adorned with Christmas lights.  I was sad.  Sad Christmas was over.  It's my favorite holiday and I can't accept that I need to wait another year for it to happen again.  So for now, I'll show you my fave Christmas Day moments from this year:

Qori anticipates his gift.

Mateo is not conscious for the gift opening (Why do men suck at gift wrapping?  Really?  Permanent Marker?  LOL)

Qori is very conscious for the gift opening and gets an over-stuffed stocking gift.

Qori enjoys his new gift

Diego proves that a not-even-two year old can work a remote control car

Santa!  Did I grow or did you shrink?

Mateo getting love from my Aunt.

My grandma eggs on all the guys to take shots!

She tricks my cousin to take a shot while recording

Grandma gives back $100 to my dad.  I secretly set them up with each other as secret santas as punishment for only asking for cash.

My dad can't believe he's been pranked!

Mateo's gift: Book Calculus for Infants. By the look on my face, you can tell it's been awhile since I've opened a calculus book!

My cousin asked for an engraved flask.  We're such close family that we needed to Google him to remind us what his middle name was.  Google didn't tell us the name, but told us to use "C" so we did.

Diego can be just like daddy now!

I give the best White elephant gifts:  Justin Bieber singing toothbrush...  LOL!
What were your Christmas highlights? - Shirley

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Sarbear said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ha, what a blast. I love that your grandma eggs people on to take shots, what a hoot. And of course, Qori is looking handsome as usual. :)


imported mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

great pictures... Mateo and Dieo are both cuties ---
don´t stop celebrating !!! wait till after 3 kings day at least, than you have another excuse to get more presents and of course give them !!!