Friday, December 2, 2011

Crafting: Delivery Room Fashion!

Howdy!  During my first few days of off time for maternity leave I prioritized my projects and decided that "Delivery Room Fashion Attire" would be the first crafting project I would work on.  No sillies - not fashion for me, fashion for my little boys (the newborn & the toddler).

I made the following two statement tees (T-shirt & onsie) using the same idea I learned from my Award Winning Maternity costume (freezer paper & fabric paint).  The only difference here is that I used a second color (white) to fill in the holes for the text such as "o", "e", and "a".  I hope that makes sense.  The onsie was Pinterest inspired of course!  The toddler shirt came out better because the text was larger and easier to cut out.

I have a vision of a photo of the back of Diego's head while he looks pensively into the nursery, and  the back of the t-Shirt displays "Big Bro".  Let's see if my vision can become a reality on Delivery Day!

Ready to walk my boys down the delivery room fashion runway - Shirley