Tuesday, December 20, 2011


 Diego has been obsessed with my smartphone lately.  I had stupidly thoughtfully uploaded a whole page of apps meant for toddlers in hopes that Diego would be able to learn numbers and other lessons in the hidden guise of smartphone games.  The outcome so far has revealed that Diego is able to decipher between learning games and waste-of-time games, as he always goes for the latter.  His favorites so far are Angry Birds (not really for toddlers, but it's nice to know that his review of the game sides with the rest of America), Fruit ninja (fruit gets thrown in the air and he has to slice it with his ninja finger), and Puzzle Peg (a game to match shapes).

When I try to use my phone for functional reasons like making an actual phone call, recording my blood sugar, or reading blogs in my Google Reader app, Diego transforms into a greedy, non-sharing, kicking and screaming toddler.  He has claimed all rights to my phone.

Last night, we had an incident where I needed to make a phone call, but he was busy playing Wowfish.  Diego did his best performance of Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde, and finished it off by giving me the evil-eye from the side (10 times worse than the evil eye from the front, and I have yet to catch it on camera). 

I got mad and resentful and snubbed him.  20 seconds later, a beautiful dark-haired mermaid appeared on the phone screen and in the sweetest, most angelic voice Diego said,

"Mama!" and he stroked the yellow-scaled mermaid.

All.... was..... forgiven............

Happily being compared to a mermaid instead of his latest: "Mama-vaca" aka - Mama-cow. - Shirley
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