Saturday, December 3, 2011

Project Four-Zero: 37 Weeks!

My first full week of maternity leave has passed, and I'm introducing you to my new "bed" in this week's photo.  Yes, it's the couch, and no I did not lose a fight with Hubby (I wouldn't lose - LOL).  I just can't sleep like a regular person anymore.  Sleeping upright or in the "delivery" pose has been working out much better for me.  I still wake up every night at least once at 2am though, but what's a pregnant lady to do?  Last night at 2am, I got on my phone and started watching a Shaytard video and found yet another gadget I NEED!  The swivl.  Yes please!

This first week off was really busy for me trying to prep for Mateo's arrival, crafting, and going to my appointments.  Honestly, just about the entire family is surprised that Mateo hasn't come yet, especially my husband. Hubby really put a lot of pressure on himself to get our house ready for Mateo and trying to finish a lot of big projects at work.  He thought Mateo would come "in the middle of the madness" and since he did not Hubby has been singing his praises about Mateo.

Hubby:  "Mateo let me get everything done! He really helped me out.  He can come whenever he wants now!  Easy!"

Me: "Pshhh. Yeah, easy!  You're forgetting that I will be the one doing all the work to push him out!  Easy..."

No sleep.

Cheerios - I bought some for my son, but I think I've been eating them more than he has!
Chocolate - but there's none around, which is a good thing!

Qori helps me get the right lighting for my photo and fluffs my pillows while he's at it.

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Looks like Qori is ready too! Any day now! :)