Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Better Photo Lesson #1: Read Your Manual

I know I stated that I would complete each better photo lesson in a week instead of a day because I didn't have enough time for a day.  And guess what - I didn't have enough time in a week either!  You probably thought quietly to yourself, "This is just going to be something she plans on starting but never plans on completing."

In my defense, it's been quite the interesting and busy past couple of weeks if you've noticed in my blog posts.  But I'm writing today to show you that although I am occasionally late, this is definitely something I plan on completing!

Lesson #1 was to read my manual, and I'm proud to say that I actually did it!  The manual has all the markings of a book that's been perused during lunch breaks and right before bedtime.  It's dog-eared and highlighted like no one's business!

So what are the top cool things that I learned just from reading the manual?  I'm glad you asked, here's the top 7 things that perked my curiosity (7 whole things!  See, I did read it!):

  1. I can display an electronic level on the screen to ensure that my pictures don't come out crooked.
  2. I can record my information (or copyright information) on each picture taken.
  3. I learned a little more about a fast shutter vs. a slow shutter, but I'm pretty sure that's Lesson #2
  4. I learned what "recomposing" a picture means.
  5. The camera has a wind filter feature that I can use if recording movies on a windy day
  6. Eye-Fi cards allow you to upload pictures wirelessly (gotta get me one of those!)
  7. And probably, the coolest feature that I will use a lot is that I can apply creative filters on a photo - after taking the picture- right on the camera.  This is great for days when I don't want to bother to edit a photo.  The creative filters allow me to apply different intensities of soft focus, black and white grainy, toy camera, and miniature effects.




If I hadn't read my manual, I don't know how long it would've taken me to find this little gem of information.  Maybe never?

Happy photo taking!  Off to my next lesson!