Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tale of Two Buildings

I basically have only one month left until the end of my first trimester.  Once I reach the "safer-zone" which is the second trimester, I will feel much more at ease with this pregnancy.  Although I know I'm never completely out of the woods.  After reading so many blogs and watching so many pregnancy videos on YouTube, my eyes have been opened to the increased possibilities of a miscarriage during the 2nd trimester.  But for now I'm going off of the generally approved statistical data that most miscarriages occur during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy.

I went to my first prenatal visit yesterday at 8 1/2 weeks.  It turned out that it was much too early to be able to hear the heartbeat, so when I told my doctor about the persistent spotting, she felt strongly that I should go in for another ultrasound.

The ultrasound machine used to be in another city about a 10-15 minute drive from my doctor's clinic.  Then she told me that the new hospital that was being built was finally open, and I just had to go across the street to where Diego was born.  A new hospital was being built next to the one Diego was born in, and eventually the one Diego was born it will be demolished.  As I drove up to the hospital(s), I think the pregnancy hormones started getting to me.  I was so moved by the two buildings that I started getting emotional.  To me, it was a perfect analogy of my first child, and now the new one on the way.

After finding my way around the hospital, I went in for my ultrasound.  The technician was a really nice lady who immediately let me know that the baby was just as they expected it would be.  It has grown since the last ultrasound and even so much that the expected due date was pushed up to Dec. 18th instead of the 21st.  She showed me the beating heart and told me it was strong at 180 bpm, and once again the hormonal emotions kicked in.

She went to go show the pictures to the doctor, but not before leaving me with a little treat.  She left the screen playing a continuous loop of the baby's heart beat.  I could watch that video for days, and maybe until my next appointment.  I took out my Iphone and snapped the first picture of BabyDOS; at that moment I totally regretted not having an Iphone 4G (with video capability).  I know I could try and upgrade my Iphone at work, but I didn't really have a good enough reason to.  Now I do, but I don't think "Cute new baby" is an option on the upgrade form....


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Awww its such a cute little bean. I have a similar picture of Ethan. I'm so happy to hear its growing and there is a beating heart.